Beechwood 4-5789

え、これだけ?という、あっけなさが爽快でもう少し聞いていたい気にさせる 1962 年の The Marvelettes の曲である。1961 年の “Please Mr. Postman” のとき、リードの Gladys Horton はまだ 15 歳だったというから、このときは 16 歳である。Marvin Gaye は曲を作った一人であるが、この曲でもドラムを叩いている。


歌詞にある “any old time” で、Billie Holiday が Artie Shaw 楽団をバックに歌った曲を思い出すので “Any Old Time” も掲載しておこう。



Billie Holiday w/ Artie Shaw and His Orchestra:


The Marvelettes:


※ Beechwood 4-5789 歌詞


Oh, baby



You can have this dance with me

You can hold my hand and

Whisper in my ear sweet words

That I love to hear


Oh, baby,

Don't be shy

Just take your time

I'd like to get to know you

I'd like to make you mine

I've been waiting,

Sitting here so patiently,

For you to come over

And have this dance with me

And my number is Beechwood 4-5789

You can call me up

And have a date any old time




※ Any Old Time 歌詞

Any old time you want me 

I am yours for just the asking, darling.

Any old time you need me,

I'll be there with love that's lasting, darling.

All through the years, we'll stand together,

Sharing the tears and stormy weather.

And the sunshine will be yours and mine.

Any old time you're blue,

You'll have our love to chase away the blues.

And any old thing you do, I'll see you through.

So just remember that I am waiting, dear.

If ever you want me, I'll be there

Any old time and any place where you may be